Website Design Accelerator

Website Design Accelerator

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Take your website to the next level

Your company’s website is its most essential marketing tool. If you’re not taking full advantage of every opportunity to have an incredible site, you're losing business. Website Accelerator is a package of curated products and services that will take your website and overall online presence to the next level.

Gain peace of mind that your WordPress website will be hosted on a safe, secure, and reliable infrastructure with Website Pro. You’ll have access to unlimited daily backups, a staging environment to test out new changes, and custom domains to brand your website so customers can find it.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to our website development team that will design and build out a beautiful website with Website Creation: Advanced 10 Page Site. This build will allow you to work closely with the team and create a home online that’s exactly what your business needs to stay competitive.

To ensure your website is kept up to date and running smoothly, this package also includes Website Maintenance & Management. Our team will fix bugs, broken links or images, and provide timely updates to your business’ website.

*Hosting for Website & E-commerce Cost is separated, payable directly to partners or your own choice


What is a domain name?
A domain name is like a street address, but for the Internet. A domain name is letters and numbers followed by an ending like (.com) or (.ca). It is also the URL customers enter to find your website.

What does "hosting" mean?
Storing a website on a server so that it can be accessed over the Internet.

Do I own my domain name?
If you use an existing domain to build a site with us, you will retain ownership of that domain.

Do I own my website?
Yes. You own your website and can export a copy at any time.

What does this solution include in the month cost?
Everything you will need for a website or e-commerce is included in this cost plus we help with the domain setup, custom templates, and support, except for hosting, SSL certificates, domain, unlimited storage, migration plugin.